I’ve spent far too many days and evenings over the course of the last year in examination rooms and rooms for diagnostic imaging. This visit is now over. It’s the usual story. Something shows up in a test, an appointment with a specialist is made, more tests are run… Something of significance is there, but rarely anything conclusive. This was another visit where we will treat the symptoms because we don’t fully understand all that is going on. Watch for any changes, then go back if they get worse. These little adventures in diagnostic medicine are often a result of something completely unrelated to the initial reason for the visit. I generally feel pretty well. I’m tempted to just walk away from all of this testing. If things do get worse, we can take things from there.


5 thoughts on “Waiting…”

    1. I’ve been better and I’ve been worse.. I’m frustrated with an ongoing health problem which is now causing other health problems. It’s not something that is killing me at this point. Aside from that, I’m pretty good. A lot of life changes will be happening over the course of the next few months. Most of them are very positive. How are you?

      I’ll look at the award nomination as time allows in the next couple of days. I appreciate the nomination. 🙂

  1. I am good thanks 🙂 having good days and bad ones. I have been avoiding all emotion at the moment so I guess it’s been better than other times, not necessarily ‘healthier’ but better 🙂
    I hope you get better soon, waiting for an update, I see you are in hospital!?

    1. Sometimes we do what we must to keep moving, even if that is to stop and rest. I hope that you find you are having more good days than bad soon. I know most of mine lately have been good with only the occasionally bad. It comes and goes it seems, but I’ll take what I can get, y’know?

      The photo was an exam room at the neurologist’s office. She tells me that I’ve improved a lot sine the last time she had seen me in early October of last year. Aside from the severe depression taking over last year, I had a toxic reaction to a medication that was having increasing neurological effects. Toward the end it was presenting like Huntington’s disease. The effects wore off quickly after ending that medication, but some symptoms remained and likely will be permanent. That sounds worse than it is. My balance is slightly off, but not so much that it causes any real problems for me. It’s just something to be aware of. My short-term memory has been affected. I have mild tremor in my hands and fingers that I never had before. All of these are lingering, but aren’t intrusive in my life. I was seeing her about the persistent migraines that I’ve been having. Given the experience tonight, I need to see her again about different medication courses. There’s far more to that than I will bore you or anyone else that stumbles upon this here with, but I’m chasing out all possibilities.

      It’s kind of odd.. In a very sad sort of way, as my health was in serious decline last year, a part of me was terrified to what end things would lead to, but at the same time, I took comfort in knowing that it was almost over in a way that would be acceptable to others. Now that I’m on the other side of it, I see what seems like one particular problem being a very likely large problem in about 7-10 years where I’ll likely need a massive medical intervention, and it feels like it’s slipping away… I need to have a very frank and honest conversation with one of my older brothers – the one I expect would be the most likely to go under the knife for me given the tremendous mutual risks involved. I don’t mind having that conversation, but I feel bad asking something of someone to take such a risk on my behalf, though I’d take that risk for someone else, family or not without much hesitation. I hope that it never comes to that, but I’d rather have the conversation now rather then when the need is immediate.

      I’m going to try to get some rest. I’m told I’ll be woken every three hours for a blood test, EKG and other evaluations. It’s going to be a long night on top of an already long evening. :/

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