March 28, 2013 – Released

After a long and mostly sleepless night, I’ve been cleared by the cardiologist to go home. I’ve been waiting to be discharged for a short while now. One would think that such a thing would give one pause to contemplate many things in their lives. I’ve had far worse medical moments than this and usually did give a lot of thought to how I was living my life each time. That didn’t happen this time. I’m happy with how I’m living my life and I don’t find myself dwelling on the should have and could have things that I think haunts us all at some point. My only concern right now is getting this IV out, putting on some clothes and going home to resume my plan for last night: Talk with my wife some, laugh a lot (we always laugh a lot when we talk, even when it’s serious), then cuddle up and sleep for a few hours. I spoke with her a short while ago and she may have slept less than me last night. We’re both exhausted.. And hungry.. Food needs to be a part of this somewhere between here and home. Anyway – if you are one of the people that happens to read my ramblings here, I hope today finds you well. Be good to each other – it really can all change in the blink of an eye. If you love someone – tell them. I’ve learned first-hand that you sometimes don’t get another opportunity to do so.


One thought on “March 28, 2013 – Released”

  1. So glad for you that you will be able to spend some time with your wife after your medical scare. Best wishes for a full recovery!

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