March 31, 2013 – Changes


At some point in the coming months my wife and I will be relocating. I’m originally from Michigan and over the last seven years I’ve lived here on the east coast in either Massachusetts or Rhode Island. I met my wife a little over 3 1/2 years ago and we married shortly thereafter. She’s nearly a decade younger than I am and hasn’t lived anywhere else other than this area. When I moved away it was for a number of reasons. At the time it seemed mostly driven by wanting to expand my career and job opportunities (which it ended up doing everything but), but in hindsight I was running from a number of things.. Family.. Friends.. My past.. Myself.. Since coming here I’ve discovered who I am and in many ways found peace with a number of things. If anything, I’ve learned that I can adapt to just about ant environment. I lived in Seattle for nearly a year in my early 20’s. I’d likely still be there if the company I had gone to work for hadn’t gone under.

The place we’re going to be moving to is the city that I lived in for about 10 years before moving here. My wife is planning to attend the largest and most well-known university in that city. It will be strange to be back. It will be mostly good as well. I’ll be able to be near my father whom isn’t getting any younger. We’ve become close in spirit since my moving away. One of the things I’ll miss are the scenes like in the photo in this post. Michigan has its own natural beauty, but there’s something about the ocean and the mountains here… I don’t know if we’ll stay in Michigan indefinitely. If we have a child as planned in the next couple of years, then moving may take even more consideration than even this move. I’m more fearful of my wife having to adapt to a new place. All three times that I’ve moved across the country were difficult. The first time in ways that I simply couldn’t have conceived. Even if you want to get away from an area – even if you are fleeing, it’s not easy. I mentioned the struggle I had with relocating in practical terms. One of the main things that was difficult was that each time I’ve moved I only had my mate – I didn’t know anyone in the new place aside from whom I was with. It’s terribly isolating, especially for someone like myself who isn’t all that social to begin with. She told me that we’d be near family – which is true. My family has embraced my wife with open arms. For all of the problems here and there, they’d do anything for my wife, and likely me if I ever actually asked.

On an unrelated note I’m getting some media attention within the coming week.. Not mildly so either. It’s strange that my story is going to be known in a non-anonymous way. A separate article will also be published in the next couple of months. I don’t know what this will mean in any number of ways.. I don’t know how this will affect my job prospects. My name is very unique, so a google search will certainly deliver results that can’t be mistaken for someone else. As far as family and friends I’m not concerned. I frankly don’t have the time or energy to concern myself with negative judgements, etc.

I’ve a “health thing” going on as well. It’s too early to tell how big of a “thing” this is. My hope is that it will just remain an annoyance without any major implications. Me being me though, I hope and plan for the best, but plan for the absolute worst at well. I’m not putting my life on hold for this though.

The photo in this post is using a technique called HDR, so it will have a surreal/altered look. It was taken on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I’ve been to the summit three times now and each time was stunning. On a clear day you can see the surrounding landscape for a distance that I can’t even estimate aside from saying it’s many, many miles. If you ever get the chance, go to this place. Go to the White Mountains. The early morning mist is amazing in its own right. There aren’t many people out before sunrise aside from other photographers and a few nature lovers. Everyone is basically doing the same thing – standing outside of their vehicles just taking in the spectacular scene. It’s a feeling like nothing else. I’ll miss this place – at least for now.


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