April 15, 2013 – Horrified…

I.. Ugh.. It took me an hour and a half to conform that everyone I know and care for in Boston was okay, at least physically that is.. A friend sent me a text a few minutes into her commute home. She said it’s silent – completely silent in the packed rail car. People look scared and worried. She’s scared and worried, too. I’m scared and worried for her…. I’ve asked her to let me know when she’s made it home.

I’ve heard such profoundly ignorant things from the mouths of people in regards to terrorism and our constant need for war. I wish more people would stop and ask themselves the reasons for such things other than make assumptions or look at things from an us or them perspective. Sure, I’ve had times where I’ve felt the need and felt justified to use violence just as others have felt the same with me. I think in some situations violence is a reasonable and appropriate response. If someone is willing to try to compromise, then by all means, compromise… As blindingly infuriated as I am about what’s happened in Boston today, I am disheartened by the comments I’ve heard surrounding it. People’s true opinions and feelings come out when tragedy hits. Has anyone ever stopped to consider that they know as little about the people they profess to hate with ever fiber of their being as the people whom are attacking innocent people? It’s the idea that they hate. It’s the ignorance they have about a people, a culture and an ideology. It’s the same thing that’s cost the collective billions of lives over the centuries. Are people so naive as to think that an entire country woke one day and decided to pick a fight with the worlds largest military superpower? Even an unwashed uneducated public couldn’t get behind such a bad idea. So, for my sake and the sake of my unborn children and the futures of us all now and for the generations to come – ask yourselves why. Research. Learn. Understand. When you start to understand, reach out – try to gain mutual understanding. All of this blind depersonalized and dehumanized hate will only be met by others feeling the exact same way. I’m not saying we’re responsible for this mess.. Not at all. What I am saying is that by remaining fearful and complacent in the way things are we can’t expect things to change. I’ve seen too many young people who aren’t even old enough to be trusted with alcohol in the eyes of the law here getting shipped over to fight in wars that they can’t even begin to understand, much less comprehend what they are doing there in the first place given that wars are started by men in suits who will never see battle first-hand. If a leader isn’t willing to lead head-long into battle with his army, then there’s a good chance that the conflict isn’t something that they believe in strongly enough to risk spilling their own blood. But there seems to be absolutely no problem with spilling the blood of our children. I have my own opinions about why our country has done horrific things politically and militarily for so long, but I don’t have a full picture of the complexity of it all. I, just like the people that “we” fear so much am trying to keep a roof over my head, food on the table and relative safety for my loved ones. The way some talk though, you’d believe there are daily “how can we f’up the Americans” meetings. That’s not reality….

So, my heart aches for those who have been touched by this tragedy. My heart also goes out to the countless lives that will be lost as result of it overseas and for the families that will be grieving soon as well. We need to stop this cycle. I know it won’t happen all at once and I know there will be a tremendous amount of bloodshed before we reach an understanding.. It will be never-ending if we don’t try to understand and educate ourselves though. Find common ground. We’re all just trying to do what’s best by those we care about. Put yourselves in their shoes – what would drive you to this point? What would it take? I’m not asking you to try to fully understand – just to think. Think critically and objectively.


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