April 23, 2013 – Still exhausted

I’m finding I can’t seem to get enough sleep, much less feel rested. Right now my schedule consists of waking up, getting ready for work, going to work, coming home, eating, then going to bed again. It’s 8:45pm and this is a late night for me of late. I’m awake at odd hours in the night from time to time, but overall I need about 10+ hours of sleep just to get through the day. My mood is still pretty good overall, but physically I feel tapped out. This too is a cycle.. I just wonder how long this will last. When the exhaustion was bad before I was on a fairly strong (prescribed) dose of Adderall to keep me awake. Have you ever known anyone to take 40mg of Adderall XR, then sleep for several hours right after? I have to wonder if this is more of a reaction to external stress than it is something physiological. It’s hard to say… I am looking forward to leaving my job when my wife finds work in the city we’re moving to. Given the job market there, I think it’s time for a working-life reboot for me. We’ve talked about me getting a new (used) camera to replace my aging one. I’m actually in a good enough mood most days to actually consider doing portraits again without depressing whomever I’m photographing. There’s only a couple of other things I need equipment-wise to make that a reality.

My mind is swimming with many things I want to write about, but right now I need sleep.


One thought on “April 23, 2013 – Still exhausted”

  1. I’ve not been on adderrall, but from what I read online that there that if your body is already pretty tired, taking adderall will not keep you awake, if you need the sleep. In the stressful situation you’ve been in, I am not surprised you are extra exhausted. Overwhelming stress like that will require additional resources. When the threat is over, the body will seek what it needs to recover.

    Your body knows what it needs, and it’s your job to listen.

    I hope you continue to recoup your energy soon.

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