May 1, 2013

I think I need a few days off. The weather is nice and I’m feeling like I should be in it rather than being cooped up in an office. Granted, I feel that every day. I’m hypomanic right now. At least I think I am.

Tonight I’m dropping our kitten off at a shelter. We feel terrible about it, but our older cat is too old and too passive to assert herself as being dominant. The little one constantly tries to play with the older one and all the older one does is growl and try to bat at her. This goes on every waking hour from the kitten. It’s torture for the older cat. It’s been months. The kitten rarely does this while we are in the room – she knows better. Nothing will remedy this situation it seems, and not for lack of effort. The kitten is a good cat but she needs another cat of equal youth and desire to play.

My wife and I are continuing to prepare to move. We have sorted out the things we are taking with us and leaving the rest to charities, etc. Once she accepts a job we will move within 2-3 weeks. She has over a month of unused PTO and I have two weeks. Between us that will be a few thousand dollars, so we will have enough to get a new place shortly after moving (we will be staying in a family member’s house when we get there). The more I think about it, the less enthused I am about leaving this place. I like it here. I like my life here. I won’t miss my job, but that’s about all I won’t miss.

Time to go start my workday.


One thought on “May 1, 2013”

  1. We have to give away our two cats. My youngest daughter and I are at a university hospital about ready to start a pulmonary function test and allergy test to try and narrow down the source of her breathing problems. I know I’ll miss them, even thought they get to be very annoying.

    Good luck with the logistics of the move. I hope you find something to enjoy where you will be moving to.

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