More changes

I received a call on Friday morning about the job that I had interviewed for. They offered the position. I had asked for a lot of money – expecting them to negotiate down several thousand dollars. In stead of negotiating down, they offered a substantial amount more along with an allotment for a vehicle, plus mileage for my commute to and from work (it’s almost 100 miles from where we’re currently staying). This nearly doubles my previous income – this is life-changing income, and at a job that I’ll actually enjoy. I’ve gone over the details of what the job entails and it’s right up my alley. It’ll be strange, not having to juggle bills every month, or holding our breath if one of the cars has some sort of problem as we wait for the estimate. We’re still reeling from it all – this is a really high-level job at a major international company. I’ll be starting toward the end of the month.

With the job comes travel. I’m told it’s 50-60%, meaning I’ll be gone 2-3 days per week while at client sites. My wife and I aren’t sure how this will be for the both of us. My wife is afraid that she’ll be lonely, as well as being concerned about being alone at night when she’s not working. I kind of worry about this, too. I don’t want my job to cause major problems within our marriage, nor do I want it to cause either of us distress. We’re used to each other being around a lot, and we’re not very social people. She’s fairly introverted and I just don’t attach to people all that well as I find that it’s hard to relate to most. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve asked my wife to let me know if my being gone all the time is too much for her, and I’ll do the same. If it is for either of us, I’ll walk away from the job. I value our marriage above career or income, no matter how great the potential.

I have an order for a blood test from my doctor. Since relocating last fall I’ve not had a blood panel done. It used to be that such tests didn’t bother me, but there’s something about this that has me nervous. My liver was in somewhat bad shape when we moved. I’ve been good – a rare glass of wine, no medications that are harsh on the liver, even pain medications when needed. I need to suck it up and just go get it over with. At least the other health things seem to be well-controlled.

I don’t mean to go on about the job, but this will be such a change for my wife and I that I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around it. What would you do if you got a dream job and the pay was enough that you didn’t have to worry about money anymore? We’re not people that live extravagantly. What would you do if you could focus on other things? The stress relief is beyond words.. I’m not bragging or gloating – it’s just that the struggle to just get by has been so tremendous within the last few years.. It’s like we don’t know what it’s like to be able to breathe.

In other news, something I had written about depression has been republished. From what the editor tells me it’s been well-received. Some of my photography has been published since I had blogged last year as well. I need to make some selections for another publication as well.

It’s strange for so many things to be working out. The job thing was by far the most stressful thing that I’ve been dealing with. I loathe sitting idle. Is it strange to be made nervous by things actually working out?

I need some rest. I’ll make a real post that covers some thoughts that I’ve had in recent months in a day or two. With that, I’m calling it a night.


3 thoughts on “More changes”

  1. Congratulations! We have gone through similar things. My husband travelled a lot for work. What helped me best was a schedule. Every day of the week, I had something different planned in the evening. I ended up really liking it- it got me to be more productive and I wasn’t just sitting on the couch bumming out at night. Maybe brainstorm a list of things to do with her. Surprise her with something: lessons or materials to start a hobby, or a gym membership, etc.

    A dog may help her feel secure at night. And/or an alarm system. My dog was my security.

    Finally, be optimistic, but cautious. In 2008, we moved across the country for a similar sort of job offer for my husband. It was supposed to be great. I gave up my home, my career, my friends/community, to support his move up the ladder. Then the market crashed (even though he doesn’t work in real estate, finance, or anything remotely like that), and we lost everything. The CEO that gave him that offer, turned tail and closed up. Left us with nothing. So I would suggest you not dream about the $$$. Live like you always have, and save for the emergency (like the car, etc). Don’t count on anything. In this economy, things are still unstable. It’s been 6 years now, and we are just starting to inch back to where we were, before that damn company ever came into our lives.

  2. Whoops, I key-mashed before I was done. I wanted to say that I get scared, too, before a new/good thing. I think it’s natural. I have this recurring nightmare about being called a “fraud” and losing my career. Even though I’m not. So… feel good, be cautiously optimistic, help brainstorm list of fun things for Mrs to do, and keep us posted!! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. My wife works nights and attend college. So there’s always something that she’s doing. We have an old dog who sleeps near the bed, too. I think we’ll be ok. If not, then I’ll start looking for work again. Our marriage comes before everything else.

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