Ah, the new year. Looking in and around WordPress, I see a lot of people use the new year is a time for reflection and to set goals for themselves for positive change in their lives. I can appreciate that. I tend to reflect far more often, probably because I have a lot of time to think well on traveling. That being said, I think that it would be funny, if someone’s New Year’s resolutions were to become grossly obese, and spiral into the pit of despair with substance abuse. You know, “this year, I think I’m going to really try to drink more.”

I only have one. I had 54.25 hours of vacation time left for 2014. With the company that I work for, if you have vacation time left at the end of the year, it just goes away. You don’t even get the option to cash it out. So, my resolution is to actually use my vacation time this year. I think my position gives you three weeks, plus about a week of personal days, then about 2 1/2 weeks of sick days. With all of the travel it’s pretty easy for people to get burned out with the job, not to mention, it’s pretty difficult to actually accomplish things where you need to actually be home for if you have to work all the time. The illness kind of come with the territory, and even though I had plenty left, I did get pretty sick on a couple of occasions from whatever I picked up in another city. People really need to not bring their plague to work with them.. I’ve been in customer sites or of almost felt the need to run out to CVS and get a facemask, latex gloves and hand sanitizer. We can always reschedule my training, for whatever reason, people feel the need to show up if I am coming in from out of town for it. There’s always plenty for me to do in every city that I go into that is work-related. If all else, I can visit existing customers to see how they are doing and to provide any additional tips and/or revisit some training areas that they could use a refresher on. Anyway, for the few people that actually read this blog, I hope you have a great year ahead. Sure, everybody faces crap throughout the year, but I hope were all able to appreciate the few gems that pop up here and there.


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