Where have I been?

Working.. Insane hours over the last couple of weeks. It won’t end until the end of next week, either. I was told by a colleague yesterday that our jobs are very secure – until the end of 2015. I’m not sure what to make of that.. I don’t know if it’s a budgeting thing or what. We’re saving for a house which we planned on buying around April of next year, but that money might end up needing to be used for an income gap if I lose my job. Fuck. I hope that isn’t the case, but you never know. The two people that left my team around Christmas have contacted me and asked if I was interested in working for a competitor. Apparently the money is better (I’ve absolutely no complaints about my current compensation) and it involves far less travel. They have a ton of people in that position, though. That translates to me as expendable at pretty much any time. My marriage comes first above all, so I’ll discuss with my wife what I should do and go with it. I want us to be in agreement about it.

In other news, we’re adopting a dog this coming weekend. Last weekend I spent several hours with him and believe he’ll be a good fit for us. My wife fell instantly in love with him a couple of weeks ago, so we’re both going to the rescue this Sunday to do the adoption.

As I write this, my sister in law is in surgery. It’s not exactly minor surgery, either. I’m patiently awaiting a text from my brother that she’s OK and awake from the anesthesia.

That’s it for now. I’m actually home today and am not going into the office. My wife has today off and I’d like to see her before leaving for the airport this afternoon where I won’t see her again until late Friday night.


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