I’m out sick today. I rarely ever call out, much less call out while traveling for work. So, here I sit, with the heat turned up to 80, a comforter doubled up on me and feeling like I’m freezing. I can’t stay out of the bathroom with both orifices somehow finding a limitless supply of..stuff. I had to cancel my appointments today; my appointments that have been made for weeks in advance. I’m booked out 7 weeks, so these customers will have to hang in the balance until April now. That’s hardly fair to them, but I’m too weak to be out of bed, much less be in front of people. Tomorrow will likely be the same. I’m not sure how to handle the flight home tomorrow. I’m likely contagious, still. My wife thinks I have norovirus. I guess I’ll scrub the hell out of my hands and avoid any contact with people. I’ll request to sit alone in the back of the flight if there’s room for it. I’ll need to be near the bathroom anyway. My company makes billions of dollars every year and I’m a profitable employee, but yet I feel guilty for being sick on a trip. I feel really bad for the clients. I’ve no room in my schedule to fly back in for a day or two to make up this time. They need training and I simply can’t deliver.

I suppose I should get some more rest. I’m glad there’s enough bandwidth for Netflix. I’ve been binge-watching The Walking Dead. Seems appropriate, all things considered.


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