New bipolar community

I know I’ve not written in forever.. I’ve been incredibly busy with work and home and have been fighting a nasty bout of depression, too. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.

Recently it was announced that was shutting down for good. It had an excellent community of members and they were always supportive of each other as well as offering support and information to people just joining who have been diagnosed, are the loved ones of someone diagnosed, or simply wondering if they should be exploring the possibility that they may have bipolar disorder. Some members moved to a new mobile app and that seems to be a good fit for them. Personally, I prefer forums for support. After some digging I found a forum software that works on regular computers as well as mobile devices without the need to install anything. I’ve set up the domain name and hosting for the next two years. I don’t foresee not renewing long-term if a decent community is started and interacts with each other. The site is Feel free to sign up. It may take awhile to get a number of members, but you have to start somewhere.


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