A couple of months ago I noticed a lump at the center of my right armpit. It’s kind of hard for me to see it clearly, but it looks like a mole about the size of a quarter has come in. Last night it was painful. Not sharp pain, but not exactly dull, either. I’ve made an appointment with the doctor to have it looked at when I get back in town this Friday. Hopefully it’s nothing.

I’m also going to have the doctor see what’s going on with my sinuses. I’ve been fighting something now for over a week and I wake up every day extremely congested and my head is killing me.

Exciting post, I know.

On to the real reason for posting. When we were in Rhode Island I found out that someone I used to work with has breast cancer. She had just turned 40, then found out shortly thereafter. I consider her to be a friend; one of the few that I have, anyway. Being so far away, it’s hard to be able to do anything tangible for her. She’s in good hands with her family and long-term boyfriend at least. She’s going through treatment right now and she said she’s having a rough go of things physically. It was caught early enough that she’ll be ok, but she’s still feeling pretty miserable. I’d like to send her something to let her know that I care and that would be thoughtful. It’ll likely end up being a card, either a sincere one or a funny one – she’d appreciate either. Likely I’ll send a check along to help with all of the inevitable expenses that she’s having to deal with. My previous employer has the shittiest insurance money could buy and an extremely high deductible. My friend makes “ok” money there, but not enough to set much aside. I’ll try to find some amount that my wife won’t be too upset about me sending. I hate feeling helpless when a friend is in pain or suffering. She’s such a good person. She doesn’t deserve this.. I know nobody does, and it’s cliché to say, but it’s so, so unfair.


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