This week was a blur.. A lot of 10-12 hour days at work. For a week that I wasn’t to travel other than locally, I spent a ton of time on the road. It was a distraction, at least. I worked from home yesterday (Friday). I accomplished most of what I needed to, then promptly went to sleep at 5 for a few hours.

I’ve been sleeping a lot of late when I’m not working. My wife’s taken notice. I need to ask my doctor for a blood draw. My vitamin D is probably bottomed out again. The last time I had it checked it was 4 and the time before that it was 2. 20 is considered adequate and it takes awhile to get it built back up. I’ll have to check to see if I have any refills for the 50,000IU..

So, I was pretty low until Friday. Friday wasn’t bad, so I’ll count that as a win. I’m hoping I can motivate myself to get some things done around the house this weekend. I kind of need to as I fly out Sunday and won’t be home until Thursday or Friday again. We’ll see how long it takes me to get out of bed later.

I talked with an old friend earlier this week. We might get together this weekend for a couple of hours. I’m looking forward to that.


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