I voted today. 

God help us all.


5 thoughts on “I voted today. ”

    1. Based on current results, I’m not all that optimistic. We need balance between the presidency, house and Senate. It’s looking like an inexplicable landslide. Is this the will of the people? It sorts I don’t know where half off there populous is coming from.

      1. I just said the same thing to a friend of mine. I’m stunned and horrified by what is happening. People want change in our political system…I agree with that. But they do not seem to grasp how absolutely dangerous and unstable Trump is. I am embarrassed for our country and scared for the world wide impact this could have. Back to “God help us all!”

      2. The house, Senate and the presidency? We’re about to step back decades in social policy and reproductive rights. I’m truly sickened by this, and it’s not just the alcohol.

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