It’s official, the appointment has been made.

I researched a ton of fertility clinics. There’s one out in Massachusetts that I may go to for a second opinion. He’s the one the pioneered vasectomy reversals and other surgical options. That said, I’ve made the appointment with a more local clinic that offers many surgical options for males that have had a vasectomy more than 15 years ago. For the record, after 15 years, there’s a 2% chance of the reversal working and it can apparently take up to a year to have any positive results. As fun as that sounds between the sheets, making a baby is the focus. So, this place can do more… invasive techniques. The cost for such a process is staggering, but they have a 98% success rate, so I’m guessing it will be money well spent.

If that doesn’t work out, option two is donor sperm. A lot of guys seem to have an issue with the idea. I don’t. I don’t need a biological link to love a child. 

Option 3, adoption. My wife would want a baby. I’m more leaning toward a slightly older child because they need homes too and we still have many formative years left to work with. We’ll discuss that option further. I’m not digging my heels in on my stance, but want to be fair to kids that may have a harder time getting adopted. 

Because I’m terrified of being a father, but not much beyond what’s normal, I’ve find a therapist to work with to go through some of my childhood issues and get some direction on some things. I literally have no good frame of reference as to what a healthy family looks like from day to day. This therapist can do sessions via Skype and insurance will cover it, so I can see her on a regular basis regardless of my brutal work travel schedule. 


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