Last week was an 80 hour week. This one, if nothing goes wrong will be 70. It’s sad, but I’m looking forward to surgery for a few days off. 


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    1. Too much… I finally get too meet my manager today. I’ve worked for hon for nearly 9 months. I’ve not been able to spare a day to go to Chicago to meet him. I exported my time card data for the last couple of months. I’m averaging 65 hour weeks. I can’t keep this pace up. I fear making a mistake. Mistakes in my position are very, very costly.

      1. Social life? Surely you jest. 🙂

        My wife misses me. I miss her. We’re to try to start a family this year. In less than two weeks I’m getting a vasectomy reversal. If that doesn’t work after six months, we’ll go the IVF route. The hours Abd travel need to reduce to what I contacted for. Forty percent travel, meaning 3-4 days, every other week. 35 hours/week, not including travel time. Travel time to and from the areas I cover usually add up to an additional six to ten hours. I don’t mind that. I have audiobooks and just chill on the drives or flights.

        It does take a toll on my health. Eating on the run is difficult when it comes to trying to eat healthy. Long days just don’t leave time for exercise. The things I take care of are almost all time sensitive. I’m up at midnight and after finishing up the day’s work at times. That leads to very little sleep. I have a slight autoimmune disease which makes me slightly more at risk for getting sick. When I do get sick, like right now, instead of the cold passing within a week, it will last two to three weeks. Yay daytime decongestants with psuedophedramine (or however you spell it)!

        Sorry for the long ramble. 6:00am local time and my brain already won’t shut off.

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