Behind schedule

I’m at a client site today. I’ve been working with this client since the new year, which is oddly long to be still working on a project. I run an incredibly tight schedule with a few delays built in because things rarely ever work out perfectly. People get sick, or emergencies come up, etc. Because of how booked up I am though, even with planning for problems, once that schedule has been exhausted, moving forward to complete a project is incredibly difficult. That’s where we are with this client. I gave them 5 weeks to get back on track on their end, then walked in this morning to find that essentially, nothing has happened since I was here last. 

I’m not sure how this will play out moving forward. I can’t forward-fill my every free day with them indefinitely. Because of this, Friday won’t be an in-office day as I had planned. I’ll also likely be working through the weekend again as result.

I’m tired. I’ve had a stomache thing going on for days that isn’t improving. I need downtime in the worst way. 

Sorry for the complaining. This is just frustrating. I only have work to write about because that’s all that my life is at the moment. Work. Grrr…


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