Quick update. Vacation in San Francisco was overall nice, but there were some hiccups that kind of put a downer on the whole trip. Sparing long details, I had another complex migraine that ate up one of our three days of vacation, and the pregnancy test was negative, so we have to do another round of IUI.

I found out today that my counterpart that handles all of the southern central region had a heart attack two days after our training in Boca Raton a couple of weeks ago. Nobody knows his status and all my manager knows is that he’ll be out for an undetermined amount of time. An extra mandatory work trip is scheduled for next Thursday and Friday – a week I wasn’t to travel on, then I have to travel again for work the following week after that. Luckily, the next IUI procedure takes place on a Saturday morning, so I’ll at least be able to be there for that which greatly improves our chances of it working.

One cool thing about the San Francisco trip was getting to see the Redwoods at Muir Woods. Going there was a life-long dream and getting to spend time there was really, really peaceful. I may write another post about that specifically with some photos, but not tonight. I’m going to try to get some sleep.


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  1. Yes, get some sleep. Those of you who can do it well should do it often. Me, I’ll just wake a dozen times in the night as I usually do.

    I would like to see the redwoods someday.

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