I won’t go into a long diatribe about it, but my work/life balance hasn’t been balanced for some time. My wife and I agreed that if the amount of travel required for this job were ever to become too much, the other would say and that would be the end of it; I’d find something near home. After many, many tries to make things work with my job and management, the cycle repeats consistently.

It plays out like this: I say something, they cut the travel back for 4-5 weeks by shuffling in others in my role who are equally always trying to just stay above water. A month or two goes by and the travel schedule is stuck to. After that, it’s almost always one of the 10 offices I cover that makes unreasonable demands for me to drop everything and go there for one thing which takes an hour or two, I say no, they go to my manager and he says no, then the senior director of my group who also says no. Then the office goes above everyone’s head, bitches that they don’t have support when they need it, so the mandate comes from on high and my ass is on a plane or I’m driving several hours.

Funny thing about traveling to other areas over a couple of hundred miles away – you’re required to stay overnight. I’m guessing they don’t want to risk someone being up 20+ hours and getting into an accident on the clock. $350-$1,200 for a couple hours. So far, out of the many times this has happened, one visit materialized into an actual sale. Short or no notice flights are expensive. So are hotels in some areas. Aside from the monetary cost, there’s the stress it causes at home.

So.. I guess the serious job hunt begins.

Just for fun, my flight to Chicago that should be leaving right now has no crew. There is no ETA on a crew. It’s 7:40pm. Driving to where I need to be in Chicago would take 4 1/2 hours. Now I have to decide if I just say fuck it to the flight, grab a rental car and just go.

I really needed this right now.


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