For work our team had a conference call at the very end of business day on Friday. Quotas have gone up for our group by more than 30%. We will not be getting another person to share the load. Mathematically, our division of time isn’t even possible for what’s being ordered from executive management. With all that being the case, there’s no way my employer can accommodate a schedule that has me home more regularly. In fact, this will inevitably mean more travel.

I spent several hours this weekend looking for work that would be interesting and challenging. I did find one specific job listed at Apple that sounds like a great fit, but there was a concerning line about the schedule. I decided to apply. My cover letter and resume made it past the automatic filter and I received an email stating that I would be contacted by a recruiter.

This week I’ll be casting a wider net. I’ve been looking at jobs within my current income range, but need to consider other opportunities that could really pay off in the long run. We’ll see what happens.

On another note, I’ve decided to get Ketamine injections for dealing with my depression. Logistically it will be tricky, but a friend in that area said she’s willing to help out if my wife isn’t able to join me for the two three-day sessions.

I also started a beta blocker yesterday and overall it already seems to help with the physical reaction to anxiety. I’m glad my doctors were on board with trying this as opposed to a number of other less desirable alternatives.


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  1. I hope you will find a job which gives you joy, and also gives you more freedom and chance to take care of yourself and your wife too.

    You have been having a rough time, but I am happy that you have realized that you have to think yourself sometimes first, your mental health. We often just forget ourselves and live for others.

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