Horrible, horrible depression tonight. I just want to give in to the urge and end this madness. I won’t, but I really want to. What the hell was I thinking not staying compliant with my meds? This is day 3 back on the regular regimen. That leaved 11-14 days before I’m back to normal again, or at least as normal as I can be…

A long overdue update

This will contain what may be considered NSFW as it relates to my vasectomy reversal procedure performed not two months ago.

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Week 4 post-op

3 1/2 weeks ago I had a vasectomy reversal. It was performed by the professor at a well known university who has been teaching current methodology and techniques for the last 25 years. He does roughly 50 reversals per year and has a 98% success rate, so I’m feeling very confident that barring any physiological problems, we should be able to conceive within the next few months.

I figured I’d write about the surgery from a patient perspective. Most of what you can find via a Google search is all of the same pre-op and post-op info. My surgery went well and he was able to do a traditional reversal, meaning he could reconnect the vas deferens as the side with the testicle was able to push sperm through once the end of the previous surgery was removed. The alternative would have been to put the outgoing side of the vas deferens directly into the epididymis, which is a far more complex surgery and has an 89% success rate.

Going home from the surgery was with very mild pain. Think of a bruise that’s about a week old and just about healed. I was feeling pretty good about this and thought it was overkill for the surgeon to prescribe 40 high-dose hydrocodone pills at up to 8 per day if one followed the instructions. Days 2-4 were hellishly painful, even with the hydrocodone. Swelling was up to the size of a decent sized orange and remained as such for over two weeks. Urination was difficult during that time. Sitting to do the other duty in the bathroom was also extremely painful and difficult as you weren’t to use your abdominal muscles for two weeks as it could cause damage. With the swelling you couldn’t point down. If you get the surgery done, get a portrait urinal from the pharmacy or a surgical supply place. Urination in that first week is difficult. Be prepared to stand there awhile. Three swelling makes it incredibly difficult to start or maintain a stream until your bladder is empty. 

After a week the swelling starts to go down. In my case, which isn’t common, because of the rather extreme swelling, some of the stitches at the top of each incision points bust, spreading to where the inner layer of stitches were. This is as painful as it sounds. After a short notice revisit to the surgeon’s office, they put me on antibiotics and a steroid to cut down inflammation. The bad thing about steroids is that they often slow wound healing. They opted not to redo the stitches as that would produce a pocket of skin ideal for bacterial infection. By the end of week 3 the pain where the incision points started didn’t hurt anymore.

The incisions themselves are about 2 1/2″ per side. Each has 20 internal stitches and 21 external stitches. There are two sizes for the incisions that are possible. Given that it had been almost 20 years since my vasectomy, he needed more room to work. That and the techniques then were…a bit destructive. After all – it’s meant to be a permanent surgery.

The stitches themselves are self-dissolving. For anyone that’s never had these, they do eventually come out on their own. They have a texture similar to fishing line. If you’re wondering, yes, from a profile view it appears that someone else’s manhood was attached by none other than Dr Frankenstein himself. It will heal with minimal scarring, though. Not that I’m looking for a scrotum to have a beautiful lift as a bonus or anything, but he said it’d barely bee noticeable. At 3 1/2 weeks, the external stitches haven’t fallen off or out yet. 

It’s fairly major surgery. Your under anesthesia for anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours. I was under for 4. I do well with waking up and becoming alert after having been under anesthesia, so we left about 45 minutes afterward. You’ll need someone to drive you afterward. 

When they say you’ll need supportive underwear, they aren’t kidding. Get some briefs and breathe. Adidas brand athletic underwear works well for this. It keeps moisture down and offers support below. 

We’re in Key West right now for vacation. We had assumed I’d be all healed up and we’d be starting to try to get pregnant this weekend. I’m still on a no sex restriction and frankly, the thought of trying right now is fear of pain. We’ll see how the next follow-up visit goes. That’s in 3 weeks. 

What is still painful is that it feels like either a small sting or pinching on the skin on the underside of the scrotum. It’s not bad if you aren’t moving around, but if you are out walking, it’s uncomfortable after about 1/2 hour. Good supportive underwear helps greatly with this. 

So, I guess my story is one of if there are minor complications post-op. It’s not terrible, but if you have a non-labor job, take a week off. If you have a labor job, take off longer. If you heal quickly, well, you get an extra day or two to chill, which is rarely ever a bad thing. 

I’ll update again in a couple of weeks. I’ll write a separate post about my life in general as I’ve not posted in a really long time. Work has soaked up most of my time. I’m working on two time sensitive million dollar implementations Abd I’ve a lot of programming and training to do for both after extensive testing. 

New added medication is working.. I’m feeling almost human again, and have energy and focus. I was real close to asking fit adderall without seeming like I was med seeking. This worked, though. I’m getting things done and don’t feel lethargic.

I was also promoted two levels at work. I’m now a Solutions Advisor as opposed to a Production Analyst or Senior Production Analyst. I’m now technically management and two steps away from being executive management. It’ll be one step this year as I’m only one certification away from the top Advisor level. Never, ever thought things would have turned out the way they have over the last 5 years. 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post. Overall things have been going pretty well. The vasectomy reversal surgery has been scheduled for March 2, and I’m not concerned about it. The person performing the reversal is a great vascular surgeon, and he assures me that he has a 98% success rate. Even if were unable to conceive after the reversal, IVF is covered by our insurance.

Work is been keeping me very busy. Toward the end of last year, I was integral and selling about $1.5 million worth of software and hardware. I’ve been told several times now by my manager that I’m the most valuable member of the team. His only complaint is that I don’t account for my time very well. In fact, there weeks that I don’t even log an hour. So I guess I’ve got to be better about that. At least with the projects that I helped to sell, I get to be home more for the next few weeks. I think I’m driving my wife up the wall, as she’s not used to having me around that much.

I’ve still been pretty depressed, maybe even more so than the last post that I had. I’ve been isolating a lot. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I went out with friends. I have one friend that I had asked to go to lunch this weekend, but she ended up being busy. She’s legitimately busy so I take no offense to that. I did have another friend called me this morning. She’s somebody from back east. She was rather distraught and crying. I listen to her and tried to give her some comfort, but her situations are such that not much can change. I hate feeling helpless in a situation.

I don’t really know what else to say. Every day seems to be a carbon copy of the last.


Well, the vasectomy reversal is now officially scheduled for March 2nd. My wife is healthy with no potential complications from any existing medical abnormalities in her reproductive syste. Barring anything going wrong with pregnancy, I expect we’ll be parents at some point in the next 18 months. If for some reason we can’t conceive, IVF is covered by our insurance. 

Holy shit.. I’m going to be a dad. At 40.