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A long overdue update

This will contain what may be considered NSFW as it relates to my vasectomy reversal procedure performed not two months ago.

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March 17, 2013 – Friendship

I’ve been fortunate over the last week. Very fortunate, actually. I’ve made not one, but two substantive friends. One of which I’ve made as result of blogging here, thereby making the effort here very worthwhile, the other through a friend whom I’ve not seen in over two years. I don’t believe in fate driving things, or some other spiritual or cosmic force causing things to happen. I know I’m in the minority with that notion. Regardless, I’m very happy that our paths crossed by whatever chance or forces that may be. I’m truly fortunate to have met and befriended such a diverse number of people in my life and I’ve never once thought to myself that I’ve simply too many friends. 🙂

As far as faith and spirituality, as a side note, I’m not completely firm in that stance. The older I get, the more my opinions and views change on so many things. This is but one I’ll be willing to accept if things seem to point clearly in that direction.

Anyway, I hope for the very few that follow my blog or come to find it in some way that your weekend was good. Mine has been exceptional so far. It’s a shame that my wife has to work tonight. The only sounds I hear right now is the dog lightly snoring and the breeze in the trees. Once I get a few things taken care of, I think I’ll put some music on quietly, lay down and just listen to the breeze and remember some good times spent in the woods and forests back west.