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On a lighter note


This is the first sperm seen since my vasectomy reversal. When I had gone to the fertility clinic a couple of weeks ago the count was 0. Disappointing, but not uncommon. Sometimes it can take up to a year. My wife is a biology nerd and I’m a bit of a nerd myself. Since science stuff interests us both, we decided to get a microscope with a camera to be able to test at home between the visits that are frankly expensive, and months apart from each other. We can’t do all of the tests that can be done in a lab, but we can check to see if they are indeed there, if they are alive and healthy. This little guy wasn’t, but the fact that a few made it through is a very good sign. We’ll continue to check every week or two. Once a decent amount of live ones are seen we’ll schedule a formal test that accounts for motility and a number of other things. Either way, this was good news today. We’re giving things another few months, then going to do IVF if need be.


A long overdue update

This will contain what may be considered NSFW as it relates to my vasectomy reversal procedure performed not two months ago.

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